Your favorite Exakta-mount manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favorite Exakta-mount manual focus lenses

My most beloved mount for vintage lenses:

A. Schacht Ulm S-Travegon 35 f2.8 R, sharpest 35/2.8 lens i own, colors, contrast, interesting mechanical DoF scale

MOG Domiron 50 f2, fantastic, bokeh, MDF, how it looks

MOG Primoplan 58 f1.9, bokeh, an alternative bokeh to the Biotar 58 f2

MOG Primoplan  75 f1.9 bokeh, even rarer than the Domiron

CZJ Biotar 75 f1.5 bokeh, yes it swirls but there s more to how it renders portraits

A. Schacht Ulm Travenar R 90 f2.8, contrast, sharpness, bokeh

MOG Trioplan 100 f2.8, yes it does bubbles and it s so hyped and overpriced that it s snobbed by lens "experts" and yet every time i shoot with it it s a nice experience and the results are interesting

I own four Topcon lenses none makes it to the list

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