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Bobthearch wrote:

mmditter wrote:

What lenses do y’all use for your DX sir’s? I used to have a D40 and now have a D3500. I have the 18-55 VR II, a 55-200 VR II and the 35mm f1.8 DX prime. The non-VR 70-300 that came with my kit sits in the bag unused.

Those two lenses would be an excellent travel kit for a D3xxx or D5xxx. Even [slightly] better, upgrade the 18-55 to the new AF-P version if your camera is compatible.

+1 - the AF-P 18-55 is very nice (though not sure how much of an improvement over the VRII it would be in practice, though as I say below the AF of the AF-P lenses is great.

I would definitely want the VR version of the DX AF-P 70-300 for handling those long focal lengths a little better. It's my second-most used lens.

+1 on the AF-p 70-300 DX VR. super little lens, with fast accurate AF. but I understand that 55-200 VR II also a very good lens.
From memory, all the AF-P lenses will work on the D3500

I imagine this has been discussed to death in the past, but it’s frustrating that Nikon never made more DX prime lenses. Does anyone hear use 3rd party primes with their DX bodies?


My DX 35mm is the one lens I leave at home, an awkward focal length for anything I'm normally shooting.

The AF-S 85mm macro is great, especially the wonderful bokeh. But Nikon has jacked the price so high, I probably wouldn't buy it now.

+1 (I got this lens for $200 used and it is nice)

The only thing you don't have covered is ultra-wide, which is popular for wide open landscapes. For u.w. lenses, can't do better than Tokina.

I have 11-20 Tokina f2.8 which I got (used) to try astrophotography.
There is a very compact Nikon AF-P 10-20 but it is f4.5-5.6.

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