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smith-jones wrote:

Orsonneke wrote:

Hi all , I am looking for a good 80-100mm ish lens for portraits.

Is the 85 GM a good option and would you still buy it now?

To be used on a1 and A7R4


I was looking for a good AF portrait lens recently and I DID choose the 85 GM.

Which is best is subjective but to me, the GM is a very sharp lens (not AS sharp as the Sigma Art or the 85 FE but sharper than all the other 85s I have had for many years).

It also has the best bokeh (opinion).

Downsides. It is heavy, slower to focus and some people think the focus noise can mean it is broken (I do not find it any worse than many older AF lenses I have had and not an issue). It is also expensive if you buy new.

I had enough money to buy any of the usual suspects after selling an old FD lens for a silly price and looked hard at them all and the 85GM was not high on my list when I was offered a 98% mint one for a Sigma price.

I am glad I took it.

I did have the FE 85 and loved it but had to sell it a while ago. If I still had that I would be none the wiser about the GM.

I am sure i would be happy with the Sigma DG DN or another FE 85 and I would also have probably been happy with the Tokina 85 1.8 or either of the 135 1.8s or Sigma 105 1.4 or the Sony 100 STM and several others.

Agreed the GM has the nicest bokeh IMO. The Sigma is sharper but images taken with the GM are more appealing to me. A great middle ground is the Samyang - which comes with a bokeh very close to the GM, while being a bit sharper according to some tests, but not as sharp as the Sigma. It's also lighter than both. Latest firmware update seems to have corrected a lot of the AF issues as well.

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