GFX 100 - Focus bracketing with Canon TS-E lenses?

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Re: A difficult scene for focus stacking that worked well with tilt and swing

Rodenmg wrote:

All that fine detail takes forever to clean up. Some of it I didn’t try just for this test. Some of it I did try and just got frustrated and left it.

Thats really interesting that you’re seeing what appears to be a similar anomaly using stacking and TS. It’s hard to predict what the stacking apps are going to have trouble with.

You probably just need to get quicker with the Path Tool. I have done many hundreds of these and those artifacts are just a fact of life, but only take a few minutes to draw a Path as the basis for a selection and clone to that. It's actually very simple and fast. Things get more complicated when the textures you need to fill in aren't readily available or are at the wrong angle, or sometimes it just gets weird and more complicated retouching is needed but I see that as just another part of doing whatever it takes to complete the image.

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