Favorite Camera of ALL time :) you no longer have

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Re: Contax G1

Hell yes, I coveted this one at a time when it was unattainable moneywise.
Still own the 139 though and I presume it'll work when I push the old cart.
Main qualms that I had with that one was its film transport became unreliable/non-functional when used in tandem with the dedicated winder grip. Before that manco started to happen I liked to try my hand at theatreshows and punkrocker gigs using Agfachrome 1000 RS Pro with a medium-strength blue filter at a push setting of 1600. Because (+1) 2000 proved too much of a weight to carry.

Not so sure about the famoso T* lenses of the era though. With two or three years of use their front rings would start to come loose. Repairshops would tell you to not worry or fret about it; then 4 years later they'd fall apart.

There's a compact Sonnar 85mm/2.8 around still (≈'80s batch) that I'll want to try on a current Fujix body, after checking on its aperture state. A cheapskate adapter could make a nice tele-experiment.

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