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Re: Rebuild my lens kit

Have you decided on what you're ending up with?

I wouldn't be surprised though if Sony go with an f/1.2 vs. f/1.4 aperture if they do a new GM II version of the 85mm. That would likely mean it stays pretty large / heavy though. But who knows, pure speculation on my part.

I do like the 16-28mm f/2.8 + 35mm f/1.4 + 85mm f/1.4 combo a lot as my 3 lens setup in my 6L sling bag. Very versatile range. Works great and not large/heavy.

Having switched to Sony recently I do have gear acquisition and fast lens acquisition syndrome too. I built my kit out quick to more or less replicate what I had on M43. The main difference being skipping the 50mm focal length in a prime as I used the 35mm a lot more, and then have the 85mm for when I want more compression / reach / portraits.

I never had a Wide/Ultra Wide prime lens before, always a zoom in that range. As a prime only setup 20mm / 24mm + 35mm + 85mm would be just about ideal for me.

I would struggle with the 20 G vs. 24 GM decision. Depends more on what you like to shoot but if it involves shooting people I think the 24 GM is the better choice given you'll distort faces a lot more at 20mm and the 24mm focal length + f/1.4 will give better subject separation. Otherwise, probably the 20 G for architecture and either would otherwise work real well for landscapes. The 20 G could be too wide in some situations/applications.

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