GF 100-200 vs Pentax FA 80-160 ?

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Re: GF 100-200 vs Pentax FA 80-160 ?

The GF 100-200 is a strange lens. It's really two lenses in one as far as I can tell. At distances closer than about a hundred feet or so, it's quite nice at all focal lengths and apertures, but at further distances, I really consider it to be only a 100mm to 160mm or so zoom, as at anything longer there is a ferocious blue fringing that is visible everywhere but far more so the further you get from the center and gets much worse is you lift the shadows. It does improve on stopping down but never disappears, and of course, you hit diffraction pretty quickly at 2-3 stops down.

Even with its minor vignetting, the Canon 200mm 2.8L is a far better lens at 200mm.

Since I already had the Contax 645 Fringer adapter, I picked up a Contax 645 210mm f/4 for cheap on eBay for about three bills from Japan, and it performed just about the same as the Fuji zoom at distance but was bitingly sharp at the closer distances at all apertures.

That Fuji zoom was, what, $2400 I think. Pretty poor performance at the long end in my book but this is why I test the crap out of lenses in a lot of different situations to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and how they might work as tools for what I do.

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