Considering getting a GFX 50r - worth it?

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Re: Considering getting a GFX 50r - worth it?

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OK, here goes 2048 size and stopped down apertures. 56mm f1.2 vs 110mm f2. I wish I had side by side wide open.

It's a real challenge to tell the difference. I assume the 2nd photo is from 56apd because of the harsher transition from highlight to shadow... but I'm not so sure.

Its very easy to tell the difference.second image is so much richer in tones and gradation of colours. im amazed by the range of difference actually. Its insane looking 1:1 . Medium f all the way. Very encouraging to get into the fuji medium system

For a bright light low contrast scene like this any variation in color and gradation is more likely due to differences in processing than to format size.

Mostly C1 defaults which I can understand are different between the cameras.

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