Come on, Nikon, issue the R7 and R10 killers, now!

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Re: Come on, Nikon, issue the R7 and R10 killers, now!

fotosean wrote:

I briefly considered pulling the trigger on an R7, but after tossing it around a day or so...just couldn't do it.

2 reasons:

1. Too happy with/too much invested in the Z glass.

2. Realize that it won't take a ton of R&D for Nikon to upscale the original 2+ year old Z50 design into that Z version of the D500 that many of us desire. Keep it under $2k and that body will make the Z9 order frenzy look tame in comparison.

The D500 was released many years after the D300.  Many had feared that a high end DX body was relegated to the history books.

The D500 sold relatively well.  But there was no order frenzy accompanying it.

There will be no order frenzy making the Z9 demand look tame in comparison if a Z90 body comes out either.  Outside of some BIF and sports shooters, the bulk of the DX crowd wants bodies like are replacements for the D5000 and D7000 series.

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