2 lb travel tripod -- happy with Fotopro X-2Aircross

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Re: 2 lb travel tripod -- happy with Fotopro X-2Aircross

Kumsa wrote:

Because I'm (1) doing some travel photography this season and (2) I'm getting older I decided to go for a travel tripod. After my evaluation, I selected the Fotopro X-2Aircross , and I'm really pleased with it. There is no shortage on travel tripods and their reviews, but not much written on this light weight unit. All the basic info you can read on their product page, if interested.

Here are my own random comments:

  • Overall manufacturing quality and finish is very professional. It's not the most expensive, but it's carbon fiber, so it's not the cheapest, either.
  • My number 1 criterion was weight, and it's 2 lbs. Exactly. With the ballhead.
  • The leg locking mechanism is uniquely internal, so there are no multiple knobs or latches for each leg. Simply twist to lock the leg at the required length, and untwist to unlock.
  • The center column is actually two sections, so it's possible to reconfigure for very low heights.
  • The leg grip padding is silicone, not foam.
  • It included the requisite hex keys for maintenance, but the big surprise was the carrying bag. My experience is that the supplied tripod bags are pretty minimal. The Fotopro bag is a pseudo-suede bag that has a rope cinch that can be worn in a backpack fashion.
  • The ballhead has some a few features I don't always see:
    • a locking screw on the underside of the ballhead to ensure it doesn't come loose on the column;
    • the knobs on the tightening screws can be pulled out and realigned, which ensures that I can fold everything up for packing and the oblong knobs don't poke out;
    • it's Arca-Swiss, and includes a tiny camera plate w/slim silicon padding.
    • it has a panorama swivel at the top of the Arca-Swiss clamp. This is very cool, as I really like to do horz or vert panoramas. It simplifies my kit, as I don't require a panning/rotator base, just a rail.

Looking forward to some adventures ...

Looks interesting.  However one question.  You say it is 2lbs all up inc head but the link to fotopro shows that’s the weight of the sticks (0.9 kg) with the head being a further (0.2 Kg).  That’s 2.4lbs. Did you weigh the set yourself?  (Yeah, 0.4 lb isn’t much but…)

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