Mamiya 80mm f/1.9: focal reducer or return it?

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Re: Maybe not so bad

Rob de Loe wrote:

jmiller2032 wrote:

This is excellent. I may keep the lens after all.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. My first instinct was to not even bother expecting usable results. I'm glad we kept at it a bit longer because that is surprisingly good.

I really shouldn't have been surprised because Mamiya made some outstanding professional lenses.

The key will be managing that razor thin depth of field!

Also, keep an eye on loss of contrast due to veiling flare inside your adapter. Every adapter I've ever used has had too much shiny on the inside and needed to be flocked or painted. If it's a simple adapter with a large smooth surface, a bit of self-adhesive telescope flocking will take care of the reflections. A flat matte black paint will help on the surfaces you can't flock. I use plain old Tester modelling paint, but I think there are better options out there. Some people swear by "Black 2.0". I've never tried it.

I have TechArt and Fringer EF-GFX and both are black, no shiny anything inside. I think my Kipon was the same way but don't have it anymore.

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