4K monitor (BenQ) and scaling with MBP

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Re: BetterDisplay?

Henry Richardson wrote:

I do not know if this is of any interest or relevance, but it might be.



Fully scalable HiDPI desktop with BetterDisplay

Some Macs tend to have issues with custom resolutions. Apple Silicon Macs notoriously don't allow sub-4K resolution displays to have HiDPI ("Retina") resolutions even though most 1440p display would greatly benefit from having a HiDPI "Retina" mode. On other Macs the resolution options for wide displays are too constrained.

BetterDisplay solves the problem by unlocking your screens making them fully scalable natively while providing a nice HiDPI resolution slider to freely scale the desktop size. Also available is the option to create a flexible virtual "dummy" displays that support an unprecedented range of Retina resolutions. You can then utilize this dummy display as a mirror source for your display achieving any HiDPI resolution or for other purposes.

I heard about BetterDisplay when I watched this rather rambling video today:


More info:




I use the program and think it is excellent. It allows me to scale a Lenovo L24Q-30 monitor properly when connected to an m1 Mac Mini.

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