Dust, scratches, and other pitas

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Re: Dust, scratches, and other pitas

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Dust during film drying is usually the top cause. Do you use Photoflo in your final rinse?

I do.

Some of us dry in a drying cabinet - either a homemade cabinet or a commercial one (typically bought used off of eBay). The Jobo drying cabinet is very popular - it consists of a warm drying blower head (filtered) with a long, narrow plastic drying cabinet about 5-6 feet long. I have a used one I got off of eBay made by Prinz for about $50 (the identical Jobo is far too expensive). Unfortunately, these are getting quite rare

An alternative is to buy a narrow portable clothing zip-up closet from a big box home store or Walmart etc. Many others simply dry their film in a shower.

The shower is where I'm drying my film now.  I could turn on the water to steam things up a bit before hanging my film, but we're under some pretty serious water restrictions in Southern California right now, and if I have to choose between flushing the toilet and cutting dust, I gotta go with toilet   The zip up bags look like a possibility, but they all seem to be too short to hang a full roll of 35mm.  I've seen some diy solutions that use a plastic pipe equipped with a fan and filter, into which you put the film while still on the reel.  I may give that a shot, since I have all the pieces lying around, but it's hard to believe that I won't end up with severely curled film.

One trick I use is I reduce the amount of residual water on my negs before hanging is to pit my post-developed loaded reels in a salad shooter and spin the excess water off like this one

That seems like a reasonable idea.  Do you spin the reel after the Photoflow?

As someone else said, the enlarger plays a role. A diffusion enlarger will show a lot less dust than a condenser enlarger, and if you are scanning, a scanner with Digital Ice will significantly remove dust and scratches over a scanner without Digital Ice.

The enlargers at school are diffusion, as is my old enlarger.  I picked up one of those Ilford Pop-up darkrooms a couple of weeks ago (mostly to process direct positive paper "shot" in a 4x5 pinhole camera), so I may see if the enlarger will still turn on.  Most of what I scan is black and white, so Digital Ice is useless.  It does a pretty good job on my old color negs.

Finally, if you are an anti-dust maniacal like me, then some of us go all the way and put a HEPA air cleaner in the darkroom (sized appropriately) along with an ionizing air blower static eliminator like this one which keeps residual dust from sticking to just about everything.


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