Favorite YouTube channels about adapted/vintage lenses?

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Re: Favorite YouTube channels about adapted/vintage lenses?

Blood N Guts Murphy wrote:

lattesweden wrote:

Blood N Guts Murphy wrote:

lattesweden wrote:

Matt Osborne - MrLeica.com

Thanks. I briefly considered a Leica CL (until I tried one) and Matt was one of two channels I watched. Will have another look thanks, but I think he was into gear a bit rich for my blood.

On a gear forum, that statement might become legendary

Joking aside, yes Matt is very much into gear in his videos but I think he still has the usefulness connection, meaning it is not gear for the gears sake, but for making images with it.

And the fun thing after watching his channel for a while and seeing how nice portraits he turns out, one realizes that even when he tests an old budget Minolta X300 film body and the MD45/2 on it and shot with that, he gets the same fine results.

Regarding the CL, just wanted to mention in case anyone have missed it, that Leica has dropped their L-mount APS-C line just recently.

I think you might of misunderstood. I meant that I am too poor for Leica lenses. I think you might have thought I was saying he is into gear too much. I am happy to fully geek out on gear, the more the merrier. 😉 I wrongly assumed he was into expensive Leica stuff more often than not. Glad to hear he also looks at budget Minolta stuff, will revisit his channel asap. 👍

When I reread what you wrote I understand the high price angle, but I didn't catch it the first time as you pointed out. Sorry for that.

Matt reviewed yesterday a 8000 USD Leica lens he borrowed and compared it to much more humane priced lenses in the same focal length and aperture speed. He is not made of money himself from what I see in his videos and he lives very simple to be able to buy as much, and as good, gear as possible to do what he loves, shooting portraits.

Currently adding most of the channels on Instagram too, which I keep meaning to use more, especially now it is more video focused. Might be an idea for a new thread. There are loads of beautiful cameras on these YouTube channels' related Instagram profiles. For me a vintage camera shop is better than visiting any museum. Instagram adds in some example shots with unique bokeh and whatnot.

Another channel not mentioned here yet is "Retro Foto House". Another good one, focusing on Soviet and former eastern block lenses.

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