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Hi, I would be really grateful to hear the opinions of R7 owners who also have/had a Nikon D500. Also, anyone knows from experience how does the R7 & RF 100-400 combo performs compared to the D500 & 200 - 500?

I own a Z6, a camera I am perfectly happy with except when it comes to action. I was thinking of getting a 2nd hand D500, but the R7 made me put this plan on hold. Now considering selling the 200-500 and getting the R7 combo. Many thanks

Former Nikon shooter here. I had a D500, Z6, and Z7 II. (Sold the Z6 to buy the Z7 II). I'm really a big fan of Nikon DSLRs and the D500 was my all-time favorite (though I never tried a D850). Mirrorless intrigued me so I bought a Z6 and had a love/hate relationship with it for the same reasons most other users had with it. When the Z7 II came out fairly quickly after the Z6/Z7 I thought it was an indication that Nikon fixed the AF. OK, nope. All that time though I was still enjoying the D500.

The R5 changed everything for me -- I never imagined I'd become a Canon shooter. While I don't own a R7 (keep going back and forth on it as a 2nd body), it's AF has roots w/ the R5 and even deeper ones with the R3. I can say Canon's mirrorless AF is truly next generation "wow" for wildlife. After using the R5 for a few months I sold all of my Nikon gear because I knew I wouldn't be going back anytime soon.

If you are nervous about making a big brand leap rent an R7 and lens. Alternatively, if $ isn't a huge issue, you've probably read the rumor of either the Z8 or Z6 III being announced this month. Either is sure to have the Z9's AF system. That way you could keep your lenses and just ditch the Z6 or use it as a 2nd body for landscapes.

I'm actually also thinking of moving over to Canon as I started with them in 2003 and left in 2014 5DIII for Nikon D610. Now I have the Z9 and was wondering how the AF is compared to Canon's R3?

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