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Hi, I would be really grateful to hear the opinions of R7 owners who also have/had a Nikon D500. Also, anyone knows from experience how does the R7 & RF 100-400 combo performs compared to the D500 & 200 - 500?

I own a Z6, a camera I am perfectly happy with except when it comes to action. I was thinking of getting a 2nd hand D500, but the R7 made me put this plan on hold. Now considering selling the 200-500 and getting the R7 combo. Many thanks

I shot with the D500 since the release of the camera until just about 4 months ago because my Z9 arrived, I also had D3, D4 and 1DX type of camera as well, so I am used to the top end camera performance, and the D500 keeping up really good with the big boys in the AF/Tracking area, but of course the body is small and i had to put a VG to make it more comfortable to shoot with, other than that, i did not have any complaint about it, the 200-500 however is not that great though, I like the Sigma 150-600 much better, but I am mostly a prime lens fans so I don't have much to offer on the zoom lens comparison between the two your mentioned.

The R7 however takes the AF/Tracking to a different level, I do not own that but I have shot with it 5 times so far when shooting out with friends, within a group of friends, both pro and amateurs,we have a wide variety of gears and always swap stuffs to play with just for fun, anyways, the R7 tracks the moving subject much easier, i don't think the D500 has problem doing so but the R7 just makes it easier, just like any modern ML with good tracking system, the camera finds the target and tracks it for you, I almost want to say you don't need to do anything, you just need to point the camera at the subject and press the button and the camera does the work for you, not a big deal for the more experienced shooter like myself doing all these since the film days with MF, and then went thru 1DMKII, MK III, MK IV and 1Dx, D1x, D3D850..... but even a person with no photography experience can get great shots of moving subject now, my new girlfriend who has no photography experience did manage to get a lot of great running dog picture with that camera while we were testing/comparing other gears, she just got bored and picked up a camera and start shooting the dog running around, and guess what, most picture come out perfectly sharp and in focus.

One big issue I have with the R7 though, again that's based on my own preference, I hate where they placed the back dial and the joy stick, it's so hard to operate and even my R7 owner friends said they always accidentally push the wrong one, and unintentionally change things.

For me another big issue is the size, it's really small and very uncomfortable to shoot with, and they don't even offer a optional vertical grip, to be that's a deal breaker right there. but of course this can be a selling point for those looking for a small camera, so all depends on what you are looking for, it's just not the kind of camera body I will use. by the way, no experience on the 100-400, we were mostly prime lens users so none of us own that one so I have not gotten the chance to play with it yet.

Since you own the Z6 so I assumed you have some Nikon lens already, so if you are not planning to run two system, may be wait a little bit and see what Nikon has to offer in the APS-C ? so many rumor about their high end ML APS-C flying around maybe it will be here soon.

Now talking about lens, Canon does have a lot of cheap telephoto lens for their mirrorless system while Nikon don't, so if you are like me a very application specific guy, it may make more sense to get the camera body you need and a lens you need that is currently available regardless of brand, it really doesn't matter what brand as you will not duplicate the entire lens collection, you only need one body and one 100-500 ( 200-600 or whatever) lens, so running two system is really not much different than running one single system.

So how actually does the Z9 compare with the Canon's in AF-C with firmware 2.1?

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