Ballhead for Fujifilm GFX50s !! ?

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Re: Geared head?

JimKasson wrote:

RaajS wrote:

Fully agree with Jim - I've found that no matter how good the ball-head, to adjust precisely for framing a composition, geared heads beat ball-heads hands-down. Especially with MF gear which typically weighs more than FF or smaller gear. With heavier lenses, adjusting ball-heads precisely after a shot for a different framing can be quite frustrating as the ball, when loosened, moves through several degrees of freedom at the same time. With a geared head with independent axis control, reframing is incredibly easy, without having to hold the camera or lens in position.

After I moved to a geared head, I stopped using ball-heads completely and they are not collecting dust!

If budget is not a constraint, the Arca-Swiss Cube is hard to beat. And it is well-nigh indestructible.

Keep it away from sand.

Jim also lists several other options in his very helpful link above.

I have heard people having issues with the Cube and sand.  I'm happy to report that I've had no issues with it at all in sandy environments so far - spent days traipsing around White Sands with it, for example.  A bit of dusting with forced air and it's good to go. So far at least.  I don't baby my equipment, though I do treat gear with respect.  So far so good.  It may well outlast me!


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