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Re: Geared head?

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I recently took delivery on a Fujifilm GFX50s II camera, and two Fujinon lenses for it, the largest of which is the GF 100-200mm. I’m mainly interested in landscape photography. I’m thinking to buy a Leofoto LS 323 C tripod to use with the camera, but also need a beefier ballhead than I now have. I’m considering the Lefoto LH-40 , a 40mm ball diameter head as the name suggests. Maybe a larger diameter ball , or another ball head would be better? Leofoto products seem like good quality and value, but I’d love to hear the thoughts of others experienced with medium format cameras and their larger lenses. Thanks a lot in advance.

I suggest you broaden your search to include geared heads. They are generally a bit bigger and heavier than ball heads, but for landscape use, where precise adjustment is frequently important, they do a much better job.

Fully agree with Jim - I've found that no matter how good the ball-head, to adjust precisely for framing a composition, geared heads beat ball-heads hands-down.  Especially with MF gear which typically weighs more than FF or smaller gear.  With heavier lenses, adjusting ball-heads precisely after a shot for a different framing can be quite frustrating as the ball, when loosened, moves through several degrees of freedom at the same time.  With a geared head with independent axis control, reframing is incredibly easy, without having to hold the camera or lens in position.

After I moved to a geared head, I stopped using ball-heads completely and they are not collecting dust!

If budget is not a constraint, the Arca-Swiss Cube is hard to beat.  And it is well-nigh indestructible.  Jim also lists several other options in his very helpful link above.


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