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Re: OM-1 lenses you would like to use?

I checked it out and the two lenses I own for my om-1 wouldn't fit on the om-d series. It'd be nice to save a few hundred bucks but alas.

I don't know if this means anything to anyone but there's a lens being sold with a om-d em-1 mk 1 that's a 12-40 mm f2.8 pro lens and the whole kit and kaboodle costed 600 bucks. One of the attendants said it was a really solid lens and I looked online and the lens alone sells new for ~$800 so it'd be a good deal, but the om-d em1 mk1 seems like it's a massive step behind the mk2 at only 16mp and if detail is what I want the sony a7r literally doubles the mp count at only a few hundred bucks more.

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