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Re: First Digital Camera

Just learned about lenses and crop factor so thank you lol. Regarding the x-t30 I think I'd like to keep the editing door open so that's good to know as well. I guess for now my biggest thing is finding something with the most image detail and similar control/feel to an slr without bankrupting myself.

I went into one of the places around me and 'tried out' some of the cameras I mentioned and the olympus felt solid but it straight up gets demolished in terms of stats compared to the a6300 for the same price or a7r for a bit higher. Even the Canon beats it out in mp and is a good chunk cheaper. Do the megapixels matter as much in a 4/3? In the same light, if I just want the most detail like film should I just go for the most pixels per $ or is there more to it?

Thank you!

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