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PhotoMac503 wrote:

I've also found many many images in which WS shows a focus point that's not in focus. I have my camera set to not release the shutter if the image isn't in focus.

It seems very erratic and unreliable (both the camera and WS).

This is what I mean.
In situations where it cannot find focus, it can confirm focus and take the shot.
This means the green focus confirmation dot inthe viewfinder is green, the beep confirms focus, but finally nothing is in focus.
It is not the guy behind the camera, I know how to reproduce it.
Normally not a problem if you can check the shot and take another one.
The problem is in situations when there is no second chance and you think you got the shot.
It happens for example, when the camera cannot find focus due to camera shake.

In this cases however it displays the AF spot in camera and in WS correctly as it was shot.
This is easy to confirm, use the center focus field exclusively and the displayed focus location in the final image will be exactly in the center, always.

There are situations, for example when tracking is used where the focus confirmation can be overridden.
For example if AF+MF is used then the camera automatically and silently uses shutter priority. I could imagine that in these situation the AF position is not recorded or displayed.
I do not know exactly, because I do not use tracking or AF+MF modes a lot.

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