Moving from 35mm to 120

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Re: Moving from 35mm to 120

This is very subjective, but you asked. I shot loads of 35mm many years ago. Mostly for casual work. In those years I was also shooting commercially, where most of it was 4x5, some 8x10, and if we were shooting “small camera”, it would be 2-1/4. Is am not adding this to Bragg, or any such thing, I just want to have context for these comments.

About 5 years ago when I decided to get back into shooting film, I considered 35 or 120. I have no interest in going back to sheet film or any of that, but I decided a don’t have any interest in 35mm either. After spending 20 years shooting digital, I just did not want that much image quality loss.

I ended up building a Hasselblad kit that I have used quite a lot, and am really enjoying it. There is a crispness to the images that I could not get with 35.

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