R7 for wildlife/action; USM or STM?

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Re: R7 for wildlife/action; USM or STM?

TeeJay626 wrote:

itsallBb2me wrote:

My R7 arrives in a couple of days, and I am debating the 600mm f.11 (STM) vs. RF100-400mm (USM). Forgetting all other considerations (reach, f stop, weight, versatility, etc.), WHICH LENS TYPE would work best. Informed opinions welcome, actual experience invaluable.

I have the R7 and R10 with both of those lenses. Each has it's own use. The RF 100-400's AF is faster, but not by much. But you also need to keep in mind that the other is a 600mm lens and the focus will be a tad slower.

The good point on both lenses is that the AF on both, so far, has been very accurate and fast. The AF on the 600 f11 is faster than some earlier STM lenses and it's super quiet. Either way, you will be happy with either lens on the R7.

The reason I have both is for versatility. The RF 100-400 gets more use, but the 600 f11 comes in so handy when I'm shooting farther away wildlife.

Thanks for a great reply. Now another question: do you use either/both teleconverters with either setup? If so, how are they working and which setup do you prefer?

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