Based only on color/ Z6, Z7, Z6ii, Z7ii, Z9

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Re: Based only on color/ Z6, Z7, Z6ii, Z7ii, Z9

FKS wrote:

Interesting opinion on the D200. I don't really have fond memories of the photos I produced with that camera. They resemble D100 images, and had a Sony-ness to them (best description I could think of). Photos from the D3 and D2H look much better to my eye. The Z9/Z7 would come after those two bodies.

Unfortunately "pleasing" is not a measurable quantity.

johnanderson wrote:

Interesting topic thanks for posting this. Colours on my d200, d700, fuji s5 pro...are much more pleasing than modern bodies which I own. I tend to think of each sensor having a unique signature. Some might argue you can get them close to each other but that is a lot of work if you want to display that signature off the bat in your images with a slight is still plain as day to see. Even if I am editing...and I deal with very complex photoshop at times...moving shifted colours about is not easy nor fun, and an additional step - besides I am yet to see a d800 shot look like what the d200 does off the bat. A better starting point if you will, certainly in jpg but also in a raw convertor.

I am colour calibrated and using a high end eizo so I do see these things, perhaps more than the average shooter that is so used to the latest bodies that colour sometimes is not as pleasing on.

Raw convertors have come a long way since 2005. Breathing new life into classics such as the d200. The thing is...back in 2005 the d200 was competing with other cameras...low light performance etc which the d200 isn't known for. Now all it has to do is play to its strengths. It doesn't need to be a low light king.

Pleasing colour is indeed not too scientifically measurable...but may I point out kodak spent millions back in tbe day researching what folks felt was pleasing colour. I might not always be accurate either. Thus is why you should shoot with whatever makes you happy. Also some folks are really poor with long as the photograph has colour they are good etc.

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