very good CA correction and quite sharp

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Re: very good CA correction and quite sharp

armin304 wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

joy8 wrote:

++ nice color rendition

++ high sharpness

++ good correction of CAs

- no aperture ring and plastic housing, no manual aperture control with NX 1000

As far as I know there is no Samsung Nx lens that has an aperture ring.

But if your lens has an iFN button, you may use the focusing ring to change the aperture after pressing the button at the lens. The NX100 was the first NX to support this, so the later NX1000 should support it too.

I have both versions of the 50-200, the older without iFN, but with OIS switch and the newer with iFN but no OIS switch. If I compare the two lenses, then the newer Mk II is the better of the two. Especially beyond 150mm my Mk I isn't as good.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can control the aperture manually with the nx1000.

Good point re. iFn button. I try to use it more than I do but I think it's sometimes awkward as in a different place on different lenses. And the 30mm is sadly lacking it. Innovative though.

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