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Re: Alpha 1 Screen Protector - can't find the old thread

I don't think the problem is necessary how well you clean and prepare the screen before applying the protector. The nasal sebum will work its way under it from the edge after the protector has been put on.

Interesting, "schnozz slick" actually has some positive photographic applications. From Wikipedia:

Nose grease has been reported to be a convenient durable lubricant. Nose grease can be used to minimize scratches in optical surfaces, for example when cleaning photographic negatives. Observatory lore holds that nose grease was used to reduce stray light and reflections in transmissive telescopes before the development of vacuum antireflective coatings. The antireflective properties are due in part to the fact that the nose oil fills small cracks and scratches and forms a smooth, polished surface, and in part to the low index of refraction of the oil, which can reduce surface reflection from transmissive optics that have a high index of refraction.

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