battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

PhotosFlight wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

Having had an R7 since release, I am quite impressed by its battery life. Compared to the R5 it is almost doubled. Hopefully for most it is enough. While for me the grip is big enough, I am sure an extension would be appreciated by some.

Agreed My experience also. Well done Canon. But! What I am about to say is for the folks at Canon who appear to not use the products they produce: It is not about battery life (for me) it is about ergonomics. I had my R6 (with a grip) and R7 out the other evening and when I switched from the 7 to the 6 it felt so much more solid. Many of us shoot with large lenses. I had the Canon 300 2.8 IS L and 2x TC on them along with a monopod and it was definitely better with the 6 and the grip. Gives us an option please.

Same, I rarely used 2 batteries in my gripped APS-C DSLRs, but I did frequently use the vertical shutter release.

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