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Alastair Norcross
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My take on the R7

I don't have the camera yet. I ordered it a couple of months ago and am still waiting. But I have read and watched quite a few reports and reviews, so, like most people on this forum, I feel fully qualified to give my judgment. I'm sure it's an excellent camera, and I will enjoy using it and get many cute pictures of my cats with it. However, I'm giving it one star (out of five). Let me explain:

First, it loses a star for the sensor. It appears to be a variation on the 32.5MP sensor in the M6II and 90D. Perhaps tweaked a little to make it ever so slightly better. That sensor (the one in the M6II) is definitely an excellent sensor, possibly the best current APS-C sensor (I've had the M6II since it came out). But Canon should have done a lot better. The rolling shutter on this sensor means you can't use e-shutter for absolutely everything. The R3 has a stacked sensor with very fast readout times, allowing use of e-shutter for action shooting. The Nikon Z9 has a stacked sensor that is so fast that it doesn't even have a mechanical shutter. Both of those cameras came out last year. The fact that Canon couldn't even match, let alone surpass, the sensor technology of older cameras that cost only $4000 or $4500 more than the R7 is a bit pathetic, if you ask me.

Second, it loses another star for the shutter shock issues. I know shutter shock is a known issue that is present on a lot of cameras in full mechanical mode, but Canon really should have solved it by now. I have no idea how they could solve it, but they are the camera boffins, not me, so it's their job. It also appears that there's some shutter shock, at least with some lenses, when using EFCS at the 15fps speed. I know that's a very fast speed, and I understand why you might get shutter shock at some shutter speeds with that burst speed, but I refer you to my previous point about who has the camera boffins who really should have solved this problem by now. The upshot of all this is that there are some lenses and shooting conditions for which some shutter mode(s) could result in slight softening. To avoid those situations, either by not using those lenses at those shutter speeds and burst rates, or switching to a different shutter mode, will require me to think for myself. That's just unacceptable. Why should I have to do any thinking when I'm taking pictures?

Third, it loses another star for not having an AF system that is exactly on a par with the R3. I know that the R7's AF is based on that of the R3, and that, according to some users it's even better than the R5's AF (as it should be, being 2 years newer), but it's still not as good as the R3's AF, probably because of the slower readout of the sensor. And it doesn't have the eye-controlled AF of the R3. Really, is it too much to expect the R7 AF to be exactly as good as a camera that is only four times its price?

Fourth, it loses another star for the ergonomic tweaks. I mean, come on Canon, why can't you keep everything the same always? Some people might accidentally change a setting when they don't mean to. And the mode dial doesn't have a lock. You might change the mode, without meaning to. I know that in over twenty years of owning Canon cameras with mode dials, most of which didn't have a lock (and the ones that did I didn't use the lock), I have never once changed the mode accidentally. But still, I might. And you might. The only way to be sure that my camera is using the settings I want it to use is to pay attention to them myself. But that's pretty much the same as having to think for myself, and I've already told you what I think about that.

Fifth, it loses another star for it's size and weight (I know that means it should be zero stars, not one star, but I'm not sure whether that's an option). The camera is clearly too big and heavy. And it's too small and light. Canon should have made it bigger and heavier and smaller and lighter. But wouldn't that violate the laws of physics, metaphysics, and logic? Well, so what if it would? Canon is a big Japanese tech company. Japanese car companies make cars that will slow down automatically when you get close to a car in front of you, and raise or dip the headlights automatically, depending on what's in front of you. Other Japanese companies have made robot dogs, and sex robots. Is it really too much to ask for Canon to break the laws of physics, metaphysics, and logic in order to please me? Obviously not.

In summary. I'm sure that I will enjoy my R7 when I eventually receive it, and get many great shots with it. But I will also be continually cursing Canon for not making the perfect camera for $1500. Shame on you Canon!

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