battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

RDM5546 wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

PhasmatosOculus wrote:

I am hoping for a battery grip. Looking at the manual, the door is removable although I'll stand corrected if any current owners state the battery door can't be removed.

Interestingly, for the various DSLRs, OEM and 3rd party battery grips are available.

For the R6 only the BG-R10 OEM is available - yet to find any third parties.

Frustrating that they don't think of this accessory at the time of releasing the camera itself.

I am now left with an R6 lighter, an empty BG-R10 battery grip and awaiting my order for the R7

However, as pointed out there is no communication connection inside the battery compartment for a grip. Which would mean even if someone comes out with one, it would be a grip only with no functions for the camera - no shutter release, function dial, or buttons. I know the possibility of a bluetooth connection has been bandied about, but I wouldn't want to rely on a wireless connection that could drop at an inopportune time not to mention it will put another drain on the battery.

There are grips on the market that have shutter release without using a special connection. They have a cable coming out the plugs into one of the camera side connectors like the USB port.

Well, that is a special connection then   It's not using a connection inside the battery compartment.  I wouldn't want something like that either, too easy for it to get hung up on something and damage a connector or the socket.

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