battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

Distinctly Average wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

PhasmatosOculus wrote:

I am hoping for a battery grip. Looking at the manual, the door is removable although I'll stand corrected if any current owners state the battery door can't be removed.

Interestingly, for the various DSLRs, OEM and 3rd party battery grips are available.

For the R6 only the BG-R10 OEM is available - yet to find any third parties.

Frustrating that they don't think of this accessory at the time of releasing the camera itself.

I am now left with an R6 lighter, an empty BG-R10 battery grip and awaiting my order for the R7

However, as pointed out there is no communication connection inside the battery compartment for a grip. Which would mean even if someone comes out with one, it would be a grip only with no functions for the camera - no shutter release, function dial, or buttons. I know the possibility of a bluetooth connection has been bandied about, but I wouldn't want to rely on a wireless connection that could drop at an inopportune time not to mention it will put another drain on the battery.

I wouldn’t worry about battery drain TBH. Bluetooth uses almost nothing. Just look how small the battery is in AirPods And consider as well as communication you have an amplifier, processing for noise cancellation etc all going on. The coms drain really is not an issue. Connectivity is probably a non issue too with a few caveats.

Thus said from a purely technical point of view. I am not sure there is physical room for two batteries anyway.

That too, I recall someone already measured how much space 2 batteries would need and the width of the R7 would not allow for it.

Having had an R7 since release, I am quite impressed by its battery life. Compared to the R5 it is almost doubled. Hopefully for most it is enough. While for me the grip is big enough, I am sure an extension would be appreciated by some.

Yes, an extension similar to the RP would be appreciated.  And not difficult for a 3rd party supplier.

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