Some notes on R7 shutter shock

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Re: Some notes on R7 shutter shock

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I am having the same problem with my rf24-105 and rf15-35 too. Contacted Canon few weeks ago and they me to send them a lot of test samples. At the end , they told me to try using the first curtain electronic shutter. It really fixed the problem , but I am not sure if this is the right way for the issue???

It is exactly the right fix for the issue. If you get acceptable results with EFCS, then use that, or e-shutter. On my R I never use full mechanical. It's always either EFCS or e-shutter.

This is not the first camera to show shutter shock by any means. Some prominent flagship cameras have had that problem. That's why they invented EFCS.

Except that now we are seeing the same effects on EFCS with the R7 (after the initial frame), which is both new and frustrating.

Not everyone seems to see that, especially the part about every frame after the initial frame. Some people say that they have no problems, some people say it varies depending on the lens. Seems like everyone is convinced that, although they may be testing for an intermittent and informally defined issue, their tests are well designed, and their interpretations are correct.

It's true that an APS-C camera with a possible maximum 15fps is new. Whether it is frustrating that 15fps is not always achieved with perfect focus every time depends on one's expectations.

Some folks convey the idea that, while it doesn't matter to them in practice, they are disappointed. Why? Is it just a bragging rights thing?

I am certainly noticing it in practice after more observation, unfortunately.

I can see it is a limitation of the camera, one which I'm prepared to accept given the many other things it does well.

It just means I'll need to rely more on electronic shutter mode with some lenses - a bit frustrating but doable in most situations. As I've said before, ideally Canon could provide some sort of workaround via firmware (e.g. enabling us to custom set the fps like the 7dii did, or auto switch shutter mode based on shutter speed).

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