Cooling The GoPro 10?

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Re: Cooling The GoPro 10?

sludge21017 wrote:

iCycle wrote:

I just received the new GoPro Volta. Love it. With that I can accomplish what you mention. Pull the battery door off, and also pull the battery out and run off the power from the Volta. As long as it isn't raining, off course. It seems to work great. I was shooting video at an event using that set up. No issue at all, and had plenty of battery power, without using an internal camera battery. No problem at all with overheating. Yes, the GoPro was a bit warm, but nothing at all like what some are reporting.

I haven't seen any reports of that?!

Me neither, just from experience. I had the camera running for quite some time. It wasn't uncomfortable to touch after, but it was warm. For whatever the reason why, it did work fine. Had I not used the Volta and removed the door and battery, it might have been a different story. The GoPro is new and haven't used it for shooting long clips, so I don't know how hot it actually can get. I should try to see what others are experiencing.

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