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Re: Around Humboldt Bay

I stopped at a red light on my new Moto Guzzi 850 touring bike and put both feet into a huge puddle of ATF and fell over.  The Guzzi was light at 450 pounds, but I could not get a foothold to pick it up for a few tries.  It had curved crash bars to protect the protruding cylinders so only scratches on one bar.  Harleys have very narrow engines so when you drop one it lays flat and is really a gut buster to get one back up.

The gull is irrelevant.  It will be assimilated.

It's better when you must tolerate a religious ceremony if it is in a language you don't understand.  Hell, as a child I got dragged to a couple of those where lots of people were speaking various languages nobody had ever heard, and suffering epilepsy while doing it.  My Grandfather heard me complaining about going and told me if I didn't want to go there anymore just laugh loudly at the antics going on.  I did, and it worked like a charm.

Pres. Biden is on his second round of covid and he's almost 80.  They're reporting no symptoms this time and just minor the first time. So much for immunity.  He had the first round recently so I imagine it is the same strain of covid.  So much for immunity from reinfection from the same thing.  I think skinny old men have a better chance of fighting off infections.

Flash with focus stacking is enjoyable.  It seems to me that the flash enhances the stacking effect.  I'm planning to do some more sunset photography with my LED light.  I need more practice with it to figure out the best way to use it.  I'm waiting for an evening without wind, but not holding my breath.

I had a good afternoon today.  I haven't been in The Samoa Train Yards since 2019 due to covid.  I drove past the road today and the gate was open and I drove in.  Only a couple of people in there but one was a Timber Heritage Assoc. senior member with keys, and an interest in photography.  It was late but he opened the roundhouse for a few minutes so I could make some pictures.  This one hand held, 0.3 second at ISO 800.  To my eye I did not need Topaz AI de noise or sharpen.  It is a finished, operable restoration of a beautiful old Baldwin 2-6-4 from The Pacific Lumber Co.  A line-hauler for pulling cars loaded with lumber down to San Francisco.  Rich

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