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Re: NSW Trainlink V set

Palindrome2004 wrote:

Pete_W wrote:

Here are some photos of NSW Trainlink's 'V' set electric trains.

Pete_W-san The interior of the V sets is very luxurious. Are the V sets EMU so called articulated train which appear to have an advantage over double-decker cars, I think.

Have a good train

Hello HAMADA-san.

The seating in the V sets is reversible so passengers can easily pull them over to face the direction of travel or if in a group, face each other.

Yes, the V set is an EMU. In each 4-car set there will be a power car (i.e. with motors) at each end (with driver's compartment) and two trailers (non-motored cars) in between.

They are quite old now and were due to be replaced with newer D sets however the rail union is refusing to operate them until safety changes are made to the fleet. So there are many of these new D sets parked in yards waiting for a resolution to the dispute.

In the meantime, the V sets continue to run, so I take photos whenever I see them before they retire and are gone for good. They are a very comfortable and smooth riding train.

Thanks for looking!

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