Cooling The GoPro 10?

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Re: Cooling The GoPro 10?

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I have not tried and don't intend to.

I don't see how it will help except make the GoPro hotter IMHO.

None of the tests I saw were outdoors, everyone was indoors in a cool room, stationary.

Even DC Rainmaker's overheating tests of full of hot YouTube air because he was not engaging hypersmooth - being stationary. Simulating air flow with a fan is nice, but not moving the camera is pointless.

DC Rainmaker's tests were valid. Hypersmooth consumes full power even when the camera is not moving.

I have not tried a metal cage myself, but it is very reasonable to think it help. First it increases the cameras thermal mass. Secondly, it increases the surface area for convective cooling.

Full disclosure: I work for GoPro

Well, there we have it right from GoPro. Tell me Jon, will the upcoming 11 rectify the heat issue? I'll put aside some $$ for it if it does.


I have cooked more gopros than you can shake a stick at. I run them in static setups with no airflow, externally powered recording for hours and cages help a ton!

I have tried painting the cages white for the purpose of reflectivity of the sun and I have left them black. The white only helps a little in direct sun. It's all about the heat sink effect that the cage provides.

What I have found works the absolute best (for my use case) is to run a cage, pull the battery door off, and the battery out, run a cord to a battery and they NEVER overheat. If you can accomplish that you're golden.

I just received the new GoPro Volta. Love it. With that I can accomplish what you mention. Pull the battery door off, and also pull the battery out and run off the power from the Volta. As long as it isn't raining, off course. It seems to work great. I was shooting video at an event using that set up. No issue at all, and had plenty of battery power, without using an internal camera battery. No problem at all with overheating. Yes, the GoPro was a bit warm, but nothing at all like what some are reporting.

On a clear sunny day, that's easy. If you have to button it up for dust or rain, at that point it's waterproof and you could from time to time run water over the outside of the case avoiding the lens.

NOW all that being said I haven't yet tested a 10 BUT! I will try a 10 this weekend and see what happens.

P.S. The 9 has never overheated on me, ever!

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