Any new affordable APS-C DSLRs on the horizon?

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Re: Any new affordable APS-C DSLRs on the horizon?

Souciantmag wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

The Pentax interview spoke of difficulties, but gave little vision and no hints. While not leaving the market they too may feel there are diminishing returns in developing new bodies until/unless they truly have marketable advances to incorporate. The K3-III does have improved AF and OVF, but it may not have moved the needle as much as anticipated (or conversely the market moved more than anticipated).

That all makes perfect sense, and I suspect as much. Part of the continuous demand in this forum for Pentax mirrorless is based on the hope or expectation that Ricoh can figure this out, and produce marketable advances. It's not just wanting a K-mount A7.

I agree for the most part as well.  I hesitate at the improved performance part.

If I want the latest in auto focus choices or FPS performance, I've already got three great cameras to pick from.  They are so far ahead of Pentax that well, to coin a phrase, "resistance is futile."

Having said the above, I also believe the K3iii has better camera performance than most people need.  My KP has better performance than I actually need and is a more pleasant camera to shoot with  [for me] than many of the flagship MILCs.

I suppose there's a chance Pentax will fail because they don't chase spec sheet performance, but I think there's a greater chance they'll fail because nobody knows just how good a Pentax is for most users casual shooting.  Marketing is actually important.  In this, let's call it "marketing performance,"  Pentax is really lacking, and it's something that could actually be improved.

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