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Re: Camera for LARGE art prints

Thanks for all the replies.

ill answer some of the questions about my intentions.

The images are for the art fair/gallery market. There is an expectation in this market that the "craft" is at the highest level. (i was capable of approaching this level in the film days but I never took the deep dive to understand digital the way I did with film. Been out since first child 13 years ago). This is why I've kept my 4x5, but I can't incur those costs unless I know I can sell to recoup them. There is a inner radiant luminosity in large neg prints through excellent glass printed on polyester paper, that I have only seen a few times, that I'm not sure can be reproduced from the digital tool chain. For the time being though I have to use what I can afford. I REALLY want to try the big Fuji medium format but that's for later.

Subject is landscape. Not the HDR high contrast wide angle lens kind but more understated, less composed. I'm trying to capture photographic landscapes that are conceptually similar to those  portrayed by painters in 18th and 19th centuries, but more matter of fact presentation. Also buildings in the landscape. There may also be small stories being acted out in the corners so detail will matter.
I'll be using primes only.

I will check out the canon at B&H, and have been looking at Nikons in the used market.

Aside from resolution, does anyone have thoughts on what captures colour gradations and subtle variation in light the way 4x5s do? I really need to deepen my understanding of digital cameras to separate the marketing from the science and engineering.

As I put my thoughts down I'm starting to realize that my solution is NOT a full frame camera, but probably a larger format, which I can't buy now.
So as a temporary solution cost-to-performance is probably critical, which probably means d800/d810. 
Open to hearing any further thoughts though.

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