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Not me. I have one on preorder but I think I will cancel and carry on with my Sony a6400 or get an R7 whenever they are available. The last two recent reviews I read for the R10 don't look promising (image quality )

Can you provide links for the two reviews?

the EOS R10 isn’t for photographers that spend a lot of time shooting in low light. Indoors, images are noisy, and the autofocus doesn’t work quite as well.

Depending on what the subject is and if fine details are critical, the image quality begins to deteriorate fast when the ISO is increased. There are many things to enjoy about this camera, but shooting when the light is soft is not its strength.

The same thing was said for R7 and proved terribly incorrect. I have a separate thread where I posted r7 image shot at iso-12,800 where the image has details and yet no disturbing noise.

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