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Re: Sony ergonomics

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Panasonic on the other hand made a very thoughtful interface on their L-Mount S1/S1R on their first FF camera body out of the box. Hardly anything needs improving - but of course it is easy to moan about its physical size (alone).

I would say that's a matter of opinion. I went from an A7II to an S1, and 18 months later am still scratching my head about the way Panasonic do some things:

1. If you want a histogram because you set exposure manually it's in the middle of the viewfinder. The middle...

2. For 'live view' with long shutter times in manual mode, such as night time tripod use, the viewfinder update time is the same as the shutter speed. There isn't really an adequate phrase to cover that either. I get round it by setting a custom button to turn 'live view' setting on and off quickly if needed, and have to use one mode to set exposure and the other to set focus. Everytime I have to do it I still think to myself "Why Panasonic. Why?". This is such a simple interface standard that everyone else seems to have gotten right.

3. Getting asked what to do everytime you plug the USB in, instead of just doing the action you tell it in the setup menu gets old fast.

4. Having to re-enter the focal length for IBIS every time you turn the camera back on with a non-native lens also gets old fast, to the point where I often just turn IBIS off. On my previous camera I set up two custom buttons, one for IBIS on/off, the other select focal length. On the S1 I have on/off, then if I want to change focal length I can use the touch screen (i.e. take my eye away from the viewfinder) or power off/on, neither of which are what you'd call intuitive.

The panasonic DC-S1 is still a good camera that really has a lot of good things going for it, but is let down by some unbelievably poor software and interface choices, some of which have a direct effect on the manual focus shooting experience. In contrast, when I was using the A7II, although the menus might not be that great, it didn't matter because once setup I didn't go there from month to month.

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