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Re: Setting the Preset Focus Point Z9


Does this function actually work? I've tried setting a preset focus point for the last two days, and nothing works to actually set the point.

Can anyone please explain - in detail - how to save a focus preset? I'm trying to set my 500PF to a very close focus distance and assign that to F2.

Here's what is not working:

1. Using AF-ON (which is set to 3d tracking) focus on something close

2. Go into menu, custom controls, pick the F2 button, press OK and scroll to Preset focus point.

3. Touch right arrow on direction pad to get to submenu and choose Press to recall focus point.

... and there I stop. Nothing I do at this point saves a focus point.

Can this even be done with an F-mount lens in the FTZii? If so, how does one save the focus point to be used?

you can actually save several distances if you want to.

Take your example: f2 button set to "Save focus position" right press next to the okay button to bring up the choice of "Save to All" (you can recall 1 saved focus distance with several buttons that are set to "Recall focus position), or "Save individually" (you can recall several different focus distances with several fn and lens fn buttons.

To setup 1 focus distance you can recall (e.g 5 meters): In Custom Settings Menu f2 set a fn button fn1, fn2, fn3 or lens fn button if available to "Save focus position" and "Save to all".

Let's assume you use fn3 for that.

Set a different fn button to "Recall focus position" (let's assume you use fn2 for that.

Now, to set it up, focus with whatever focus mode you have selected to 5 meters. when 5 meters is in focus, let go of the AF-on or shutter release button (whatever you use to aquire focus, press and hold the fn3 button for approximately 2 seconds. when this distance is saved, you should see a "save focus symbol" below the center of the viewfinder. Now you can focus on infinity, for example, and when you press the fn2 button, the focus will snap back to 5 meters.


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