Z6ii/Z7ii--Seduced and Abandoned by Nikon Locked

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Re: Z6ii/Z7ii--Seduced and Abandoned by Nikon

HRS wrote:

Amen, and not the usual "tribal" responses of:

  • Well, cameras are complex and you can't really expect yours to work as advertised.
  • Must be user error.
  • Mine doesn't have your problem, so you're wrong.

My suggestion is: try to ignore those nonconstructive responses...which unfortunately are the majority here.
Back to the topic: I do think  we will see more FW updates for cameras during the next year or so, as you could clearly tell that Nikon focused almost exclusively on the Z9 and its FW past the release. Hopefully they catch up with their other cameras in the next few months, though this is just my guess.

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