ZV-1 Strange Shutter Noise

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Re: ZV-1 Strange Shutter Noise

Lindsay D wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Note that the ZV-1 has exactly the same lens and shutter as the RX100M5, so it'll sound identical.

Yes I think that's why the ZV-1 sounds unusual to me - I don't recall either of the RX100 models I've owned in the past making the same 'spring-ping' noise. It's not loud by any means, just loud enough to be audible in quiet shooting conditions.

The build quality of the ZV-1 is a notch down from the RX100, and I wondered if it might just be down to that.

Are you in any special modes?  I was in manual.

Have you changed from mechanical to electronic shutter, and then back?

There's only a few people here with ZV1s... not sure if they will "show up".

Dedicated ZV1 Facebook groups have lots of users - but very few posts.

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