Now we have the R7 is the 100-500 competitive?

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Re: Now we have the R7 is the 100-500 competitive?

And-roid wrote:

The ef 100-400 ii is slightly heavier and needs the adapter but are there any perceptible af/handling difference's, anybody compared?

Just on paper the 400 5.6 is more appealing than the 6.3 on the 100-500 but it's small I get that but on aps and as light dims everything counts. Also, on the R7 we have 4:3 ratio, so just a click into there and we are now looking at a 720 FOV with 26mp but still realising 5.6!

Of course, taken the other way on the 100-500 it needs no adapter and 6.3 stretches out to 470mm so well into 750mm!

The most disussed thing about the 100-500 vs 100-400 II is the slightly lower speed at longer focal length of the RF lens. To me it has become absolutely irrelevant as the RF has some clear (IMO) advantages over the EF lens when it comes to focus speed, handling, weight and sharpness. Weight and handling are subjective. The EF lens is a reliable focuser, but definitely looses out on speed. The EF needs a little stopping down to appraoch the RF's wide open sharpness which negates the speeds advantage above 300mm.

So yes, the RF 100-500 is competetive.

Hopefully the R7 becomes more available soon.

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