Canon R7 review by Bryan Carnathan ("TDP" website")

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Re: Canon R7 review by Bryan Carnathan ("TDP" website")

Justme wrote:

TDP is one of the first sites I check for reviews. I saw his initial review when the R7 came out and the updated noise review is very insightful.

i have an 8 year old 7D MK2. It is showing its age in both the AF and noise department. The 90D is better than the 7D MK2 for high ISO noise. Since the R7 has similar noise to the 90D which is better than my 8 year camera and the R7 has much better AF tracking than either and some claim even quicker AF tracking acquisition than the R5 and R6; the R7 is a no brainer upgrade for me.
Going to wait until the fall just in time for owl season. I would get the R6 too if I didn’t already have the 6D. I don’t know when the R6 will be upgraded but hope I can hold out until then. Hoping the next iteration has the upgraded AF of the R3 and R7.

I have both R6 and R7. In real life R6 focuses just as good if not better than R7. I have no tweaks made to both. With Animal eye tracking in my observation they both do the same. In fact R6 in my experience does marginally better 🙂

Don't get me wrong. R7 is no slouch. However I do not experience the R6 being at a disadvantage in terms of AF speed, accuracy, and reliability in any way. It manages to get the eye even in really difficult situations like bird moved to behind branch, or is backlit etc.

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