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Who, me?

Recently bought a pair of canon 100Ds on the used market. I like them a lot but haven't found the perfect lens for them. I will probably try to get a 40mm f2.8 because it's very small(like the body) and together they would be very easy to carry around.

Always hated the "what lens" debate, this is why i preferred compact cameras. But dslrs are still the best in terms of handling and operating.

By contrast, mirorless cameras are boring, sort of like the ILC version of a compact camera. Most seem a little flimsy and toy-like by comparison to an entry level dslr.

I think the main reason users are buying more mirorless cameras now is because that's what what the manufacturers want, also mirorless is better for video. And many have stopped buying cameras all together.

Conclusion, dslrs are as dead as records, cd's and audio cassettes, but not because they weren't good. I use mine all the time.

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