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Landscape+travel+sports camera system suggestions

Started 8 months ago | Discussions thread
OP wxlidar Forum Member • Posts: 56
Re: Landscape+travel+sports camera system suggestions

robgendreau wrote:

wxlidar wrote:

I will also be traveling to the South Pole in January and I want to make sure I have the gear to capture this amazing trip. While the S5 kit isn't very heavy or large, I wonder about something a bit more compact. I am restricted in how much weight I can carry on the flights to and within Antarctica.

I'd like to have a backup camera/body for my trip to Antarctica. And it would be nice to have one body geared towards landscape and the other towards sports with the understanding that either camera can fill any need in a pinch. I'd like both cameras to have the same lens mount so I can share lenses.

You could rent too.

I'm willing to switch systems if it is "worth it". Here are some possible options:

  1. Add another S5 body and build out my lenses with smaller, lighter options. This doesn't solve my sports needs. But I can focus on my Antarctic trip for now and worry about sports later.
  2. Add a bridge camera to my kit and worry about sports later. Definitely the cheapest option, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with this backup.
  3. Switch back to Canon with an R6 and R7. I decided against the R6 (the R7 wasn't announced yet) when I chose the S5 because of cost, resolution, and ergonomics. The lenses are expensive and limited to Canon choices, although they are very nice lenses.
  4. Fujifilm X-T4 and X-H2S. Still not an inexpensive path and I am unsure about the H2S's sports capabilities.
  5. Sony system? I considered the A7IV but passed because of ergonomics and cost compared to the S5.
  6. Nikon system. I seriously considered the Z6II but the lack of affordable telephoto zooms steered me away.

I am open to ideas any of you might have. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer, just a serious amateur.

Thanks for your time.

I'd look at where you have gaps. Landscape is relatively easy, sports harder. And what works for swimming kids works for swimming penquins. So consider a camera with better AF and faster shooting. An OM or E-M1iii don't have as good AF as some of the new Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras, but do have Pro Capture and better weather sealing, and could work with lenses you have.

An R7 might be a good option. Fast, great AF. Works for landscape too. Some of the non L lenses are very good, if a tad slow.

Yeah, the R7 is high on my list.

I tried my G9 at a swim meet today. By the end of the meet is is quite dark and the G9 just couldn't keep up. While the OM has improved low-light performance, I think physics will hold it back.

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