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FrancoD wrote:

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FrancoD wrote:

To those that may want the same but find it difficult to locate a good one, that camera was sold under different brands, pretty much identical as far as I can tell.

The Konica S3, Vivitar 35 ES, Revue 400 SE and the Prinz 35 ER are those that I know of but it is possible that there are others.

I have (still) the Konica S3 - it's a way overhyped Point & Shoot, for at least the last 10-15+ years. And the Vivi & Revue are way close, but no 100% clone, i know them all, had them, sold them years ago.

That is a great image, thanks for posting.

Konica S3 looks a bit different, while Revue and Minolta really looks very similar. Still, there are a few little differences that makes me think why?

One of the possible explanation is that all cameras were made by one producer, maybe some third party one, and slightly modified upon request. The other possibility is that there were not many suppliers and most parts were ordered at a same place.

Revue though was definitely rebranded, they never had their own production site AFAIK (Quelle brand), so the first option seems more likely.

However, it still doesn’t imply that they are identical, there were some patents that companies won’t share willingly, such as lens coatings, metering algorithms end electronic and probably a few more.

Nonetheless I do believe that they are all good performers if working properly and you are right in proposing them as alternatives.

I find those cameras really nice to carry and shot, being mechanical with a battery for metering and shutter priority but able to work without battery too in a manual mode. Small size, leaf shutter for flash sync up to max speed, sharp and fast lenses with a good optics, well made, silent and common 49mm filter thread with the CDS cell bellow.

There are limitations of course, low maximum ISO, not easiest to focus due to the small viewfinder and rangefinder (dim) patch, 1/500s maximum shutter speed, metering doesn’t show in manual mode and for some - no AF.

It is about personal preferences, I like most (within this category) Olympus RC, with a Minolta 7Sii coming close (it’s just a bit larger but has over 1 stop faster lens).

With a film tho, anything that still works properly, is a great camera IMHO. We are facing film availability issues with more and more products being discontinued, but it makes sense considering that every year market is shrinking with a decreasing number of working cameras.

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