Water Droplets

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Re: Water Droplets

Sundre wrote:

This is an equipment-focused forum where many do not have a particularly strong interest in the more artistic side of photography, so don't be surprised when you don't get much response when you share technically flawed artsy photos.

Seems a fair number of people have liked the image.

You could also spend some time studying the basics - as Peter pointed out, there is absolutely no need for an extremely fast shutter speed like 1/8000s in this situation, and you would be better off using a low ISO with a slower shutter speed. You would have had a cleaner image at 1/640s and ISO 100 and still no motion blur.

I think the image stands up OK. The higher ISO doesn't lessen the impact in any way, IMO. Sure, technically what you suggest will result in a cleaner image. I don't know that it would result in a meaningfully better image. I guess wondering why people can't offer critique in a nice tone instead of criticism. "You should spend some time studying the basics" assumes incompetence. Why not say "I wonder if the image wouldn't be better at a lower ISO"?

There is a weekly thread specifically for sharing some of your recent photographs, instead of starting a new thread every time you wish to share a photo. Roger the moderator posts a new one at the beginning of every week. Here's the current one:


Hope this helps. Personally, I share my more artistic photography elsewhere as DPreview works best for equipment-related matters.

I'm confused. I mean again, technically correct, but...people share images in this forum (and other brand forums) quite often outside the recent photos thread. Why is this one different? I mean, if you're trying to discourage sharing of photos for some reason, well done. I don't really see any way in which this post and it's general tone "helps". Maybe I'm not up on the forum rules, I didn't realize this forum was for gear only.

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