Analysis Paralysis: Is the R7 Good enough?

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Re: Analysis Paralysis: Is the R7 Good enough?

Charlie Lansing wrote:

Hello community,

I need you help. I am a casual photographer. I shoot photo and video of my family, do a little macro, and a bit of landscape and street photography. I am not a professional. I do this all for my personal enjoyment and for my family. I am in the market for an all purpose camera that takes high quality photos and video.

My first thoughts were to purchase an R7 and a couple of nice full frame RF lenses. Then I began researching. I was told by quite a few people that unless I shoot wildlife, I would be better served putting that money into a FF R6 or R5. However, I wasn't impressed with the 20 MP of the R6 (I am sure it is plenty, but I like to crop a bit) and the R5 would take up most of my budget.

My question is:

1) for someone in my shoes (I realize you know little about my usage), would you purchase an R5 with the F4 kit lens and maybe a non L prime or telephoto, or would you use that same budget on the R7 with better lenses. In other words, same money spent, but R7 vs. R5 (or maybe R6 if I can get over the 20 MP).

2) how much of a difference in image quality is there in general between the R7 and the R6 or R5? Is it substantial?

Thank you!

Do you have a crop DSLR now, or a FF? If so, perhaps you can mention what model, and what you like about it. Do you have a stable of lenses already, or are you looking to purchase a new set?

you mentioned you like to "crop a bit" so the R7 already does that compared to FF, so perhaps that is a good fit for you.

You are thinking of spending a lot of money for personal enjoyment, so it may be worthwhile to rent a R7 with a kit lens, and see what you like (or don't like) about it.

The R7 sounds like a winner in many respects, but in my case, the R6 works for my personal use (family and nature) . I owned a number of crop models (such as the 7D and 80D) before I started using some FF DSLRs, and then the R.

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