Pentax's Next Move?

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Mark Ransom wrote:

PentUp wrote:

Forgtting the 'entry level' is a mistake. It discourages people from entering the ecosystem (or buying an entry level for their kid that can use the same lenses as their own higher specced DSLR)...

Like it or not, the cell phone is the entry level camera now. You need to be a really dedicated photographer to go beyond a phone's capabilities.

As for getting kids into photography, that's an uphill battle unless they're naturally inclined. I gave my kid a rugged compact almost exactly a year ago, because he was going on a unique hike in some spectacular scenery and I wanted him to be able to capture it. Today was the first day since then that he expressed any interest in getting any pictures out of it.

I couldn't agree more. Our first grandchild is just over two years old. When she was born I gave my son and daughter-in-law a good APSC ML camera with a couple of lenses. A dedicated video camera and some decent hi-fi (my first love).

Since then they have never used them, at least I haven't see a single shot from the camera or clip from the video recorder. He plays compressed music on his mobile and bluetooth's it to a sausage that masquerades as a speaker.

And you know what I get most of it. They both have their phones on them all the time. They are very proficient at using them and for their general needs, the quality is sufficient.

So I'm I disappointed that they don't use the gear? Not at all because I'd rather have the great memories from their phones than none/few as they would have missed the 'moment' trying to find and use their dedicated kit.

I still can't forgive them for listening to the sausage though!

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